Monday, November 23, 2009

Fear the Yellow Tape

What does yellow tape mean to you?

Crime scene, danger area, off limits, bump ahead or possible serious injury could be present? I can't think of anything positive can come out of flirting with yellow tape. So how do we spend our weekends? Crossing, jumping over and who knows what else that is involved with miles of the plastic off limits barriers of oppression. I say shred it, rip it up and put it all in the wake behind you as you ride on to a beautiful day in the saddle of your Cyclocross bike.

This weekend may have finished up the Cyclocross season for me. Beautiful days at Kent State and Cleveland, Rain at Raccoon and Murraysville. Grove City had the best fall colors and single track section. Raccoon had the tandem rouges bearing down on you as you were trapped in the mud pit. Murraysville had the rain and mud and the new jump the shark feature. What do I have, new friends, no broken bones and plenty of yellow tape where I don't want it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Torque Maximus

Torque; a force that produces rotation. Saturday mountain bike outing showed a rare display of maximum torque put down by none other than yours truly. Demonstrating my unique skill and dexterity in trail mastery as witnessed by non other than young Yoda HD I manage a nice endo. Mid log crossing in a power stroke grind in the upswing , the chain jumped into the frame and chain stay. Lurch right up and over the handle bars I went ripping the chain in pieces as my massive power stroke repayed the uncooperative chain with a meltdown. HD to the rescue after picking me up he produced the tools to get us back on the trail. A brilliant day in the woods we rode trails, one flat, one lost lefty, one bent derailler, one spent chain. Perfect.

Friday, October 9, 2009

CX Season brings in Fall Colors

Well CX season also brings in the rain, wind and cold with a few bumps and scrapes along the way. Racing the last two weekends, Racoon Park in Beaver and Grove City hosted the last two races, Murraysville will be next. Fall conditions start to prevail leaving the courses wet and soggy. However with a Month of Mud attitude it's like being a kid playing in the sandbox or stomping in a puddle of mud. We have plenty of teammates to cheer you along, laugh at the miscues and share a story afterword. CX is riding on variable track conditions with obstacles in the way challenging rode and mountain bike skills. Run ups, dismounts and single track put to test your late season conditioning and uses a different set of muscles and coordination. The latter of which is rumored to have passed me by. However you the rider will find yourself amongst a whole new group of competitors from all classes. Translate all that into a new life lesson for the day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Presque Isle Time Trial

Sunday September 20, Presque Isle in Erie PA, 12.5 mile Individual Time Trial.
The day starts at sunny 48 degrees, no wind and improves from there. A beautiful day to race around the bay. Six riders from Ag3r competed. This ITT culminates the season as the final ITT. This year in April started at Presque Isle with a personal best on the course, July posted another best and Sunday I completed the 12.5 miles in 31:45 with an average speed of 23.84mph. Ten ITT's for the year and posted personal best's on all of them.
I thank all those that offered support and advice, Skip, Henry and Steve. Oscar and his group at Washington Blvd. Most importantly my teammates from Ag3r of which 3 took home medals.
Next the bike gets a rest as we turn our attention to cyclocross.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Many cyclist ride for the competition, self improvement or camaraderie. I just like to ride. There are times you can fulfill all you personal goals in one day. Last month Ag3r took me along to Mercer County for a little fun with the guys called "tour de la Tonka" or la te da for sure. Twenty five sprints, climbs and trials later, getting ripped off the back and punished in 90 degrees just for showing... What did I get?
A .99 cent candle with apple pie scent for not only just trying but for coming in last.
Well I tell you ,I train like an ass and still come in last.
I am bent on getting rid of this thing and vow to dump this honor on some other poor bastard that needs friends like I've got. Last week 185 miles in three days, Sewickly Hills and repeats the week before. I am going to knock down another PR itt this weekend. In the meantime you will find me in front of my Mark Cavendish Cadel Evans shrine making race preparations.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 11, 2001 Rememberance

In support of the United Way 9.11 memorial program I rode in a group of 11 from Butler to Cranberry.

Ride director Henry Dimmick organized 11 riders to receive the ceremonial flag and deliver it to the flag raising ceremony in Cranberry. After a wonderful ceremony in Diamond Park we escorted the flag through a few stops and finally to our final destination. Witnessing along the way were many onlookers, and supporters including Diane and Stephanie from Mars.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washington Rode Here

Century ride on Saturday to Slippery Rock University.

Logging 95 miles, credit to Pam and Brian they completed 100 miles.

We left North Park early on a great looking day sunny, cool and no wind. Mars to Seneca Valley H.S. up Yellow Creek Rd. Portersville to Moraine and followed Washington's trail to the University. Returned via 528, stopped at Johnny's for a shotgun lesson and continued on to Evans City. Very fast pace we were done at 5:52:00.

Pam and Brian pictured here are training for the Louisville Iron Man this month. It was fun to keep their company as you all know I am no Iron man.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

US Masters crown new champion

Richard Kramer is the new 25k open water US Champion. Richard asked me to join him and act as his boatman (I was born to do this) for the weekend. We traveled to Morse Reservoir, Indiana for the weekend. A very hot day in the upper 80's and bright sun. Richard knocked off a list of nationally ranked competitors. Actually he blew open the field with a vicious sprint 5k 1st lap and opened up the lead on each of the other four remaining laps.

25k open water 5:39:09

Two lovers in France

Diane and I travelled to France in April to see Paris, the Mediterranean and visit Linda. Sister Martha joined us in Philly and we travelled together. USair bumped us to Spain and rewarded us with tickets system wide. Where to next?

Paris was great as we trekked all over the city non stop for 3 days. Next stop Linda's college town of Aix en Provence. A bullet train whisked us away to Marseilles then to Aix. A pleasant surprise as we meandered through narrow streets and ate Mediterranean cuisine. Next Stop Nice, relaxed on the beach and visited nearby Monaco. Only one international incident took place as we jockeyed for parking in front of the Casino. More on that later. Of course a Sielski trip would not be complete if we did not meet the required relatives. Cousin Michael Greico and family were on the flight to Spain and we had a reunion of sorts in baggage claim.