Sunday, September 26, 2010

Roadies change with the season

Road season to date I have posted 3,000 miles with another month to go. I have covered most of the tri county area with a generous amount of group rides, ridden in Maryland last month and climbed Wisp on my Birthday. The Butler County Stage race was a huge success with the promoter Ed Johnson and Henry Dimmick Team AG3r Director putting many hours of effort making sure this race was the best in the State. I am proud to be associated with these guys and pleased they let me play with them. Fred Gohh started off his inaugural year as Director of Team Citius. Very noteworthy as Team Citius is dedicated with the development of junior racers. My thanks to them for letting me join their group rides and giving the rabbits someone to jump out on.

I entered 10 time trials this summer posting personal records in 8 of the 10 races. The boys at Pro Bikes hooked me up with a set of HED 3's, therefore I reached out to technology for a boost.

This season I had the misfortune of busting two sets of wheels, one of which I have not seen back from Mavic. Trek of Pittsburgh has helped with quick repairs so I would not loose any road time.

Now we turn to Cyclocross for racing. Again learning my lesson from earlier this year I am turning to technology for help. I acquired a Specialized tri cross (thanks HD) and attended a clinic with a real coach. Yes we learned how to mount a bike. And then we learned how to dismount. That took 55 years to learn.

It is fall and football season but I feel like we are just starting.

Friday, September 3, 2010

This has nothing to do with a bike

I know your sick of hearing bike stories. So I will tell another side to this strange summer.
We went whitewater rafting. Top of Wisp Mountain in Maryland there is a man made rafting center. A world class facility that brings in young kayakers training for the Olympics. Sarah says they are cute too, but I can only attest to some of the female paddlers.
Sarah and Matt with Uncle David joined me on a cool sprinkly day on the lazy river. Well not so lazy, we were all thrown out multiple times. We started off with trepidation and ended up surfing and jumping off rocks into the hydraulics. Diane and Riley took photos of the action. Diane still in pain from last years trip, oh well she'll heal.
Try it, a short drive from Pittsburgh and a sure good time.

Arlington National Cemetary Honors our Brave

Matt and I travelled to Arlington National Cemetery to bear witness to the internment of Jenna Wilcox ASAF AC. Jenna was a very important member of our family and we loved her and love her parents very much. While in Afghanistan Jenna went out of her way to help the people she was there to serve. She was performing architectural duties in the rebuilding of the country's schools and infrastructure. Jenna called out for assistance in the form of donations from friends here stateside. Diane collected school supplies and sent a box over to a school in the building. we were very happy to help, more importantly we were proud that Jenna was over there doing good things.

Arlington NC handled the military proceeding remarkably respectful and made us proud to be Americans.

When Matt and Sarah were very young we went with Peter and Jenna to the ski slopes. I remember to this day the three of them zipping up and down with reckless abandon.

Take a trip to Washington DC and spend four hours at Arington National Cemetery.