Monday, November 23, 2009

Fear the Yellow Tape

What does yellow tape mean to you?

Crime scene, danger area, off limits, bump ahead or possible serious injury could be present? I can't think of anything positive can come out of flirting with yellow tape. So how do we spend our weekends? Crossing, jumping over and who knows what else that is involved with miles of the plastic off limits barriers of oppression. I say shred it, rip it up and put it all in the wake behind you as you ride on to a beautiful day in the saddle of your Cyclocross bike.

This weekend may have finished up the Cyclocross season for me. Beautiful days at Kent State and Cleveland, Rain at Raccoon and Murraysville. Grove City had the best fall colors and single track section. Raccoon had the tandem rouges bearing down on you as you were trapped in the mud pit. Murraysville had the rain and mud and the new jump the shark feature. What do I have, new friends, no broken bones and plenty of yellow tape where I don't want it.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Torque Maximus

Torque; a force that produces rotation. Saturday mountain bike outing showed a rare display of maximum torque put down by none other than yours truly. Demonstrating my unique skill and dexterity in trail mastery as witnessed by non other than young Yoda HD I manage a nice endo. Mid log crossing in a power stroke grind in the upswing , the chain jumped into the frame and chain stay. Lurch right up and over the handle bars I went ripping the chain in pieces as my massive power stroke repayed the uncooperative chain with a meltdown. HD to the rescue after picking me up he produced the tools to get us back on the trail. A brilliant day in the woods we rode trails, one flat, one lost lefty, one bent derailler, one spent chain. Perfect.