Saturday, September 12, 2009

September 11, 2001 Rememberance

In support of the United Way 9.11 memorial program I rode in a group of 11 from Butler to Cranberry.

Ride director Henry Dimmick organized 11 riders to receive the ceremonial flag and deliver it to the flag raising ceremony in Cranberry. After a wonderful ceremony in Diamond Park we escorted the flag through a few stops and finally to our final destination. Witnessing along the way were many onlookers, and supporters including Diane and Stephanie from Mars.


  1. HEY...there it is, on TAPE....... the rest of the blokes blowing RIGHT THROUGH the Mars Bank Public Relations stop !!!

  2. THIS is my favorite line from your Lanturn Rouge rant! => "...I am bent on getting rid of this thing and vow to dump this honor on some other poor bastard that needs friends like I've got...."

  3. ...and the PICTURE of the "Actual Shrine", of course :)