Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers Day Ride, Beautiful Lake Erie

Sunday at Erie had a big Ag3r Butler Health Systems turnout. Donnie and Dave. Brian, Mike, Kirk, Sam, Randy, Steve and Steve. Owen also came out to join us.

An interesting day on my way to a personal best. On the 7 mile mark heading back with a beautiful day slight wind in the face heading back past the half way mark. What happens, a white truck and a green sedan stop to have a conversation blocking both lanes. As I approach I think I might have to either go on the grass or split between them riding the lane divider line. This way I could go between them and join the conversation thus earning my moniker of x-ray.
But I am spoiled as the green car puts in reverse and proceeds to do a 3 point turn completely blocking the road. Kirk to Scottie; ENGINE ROOM COMPLETE STOP.
Man that was close as I came to a complete stop to weave around one and behind the other on my way to attempt to save my ride.
The cookies were nice, glazed oatmeal.

Monday, June 14, 2010

50 is the new...What you say

It is new ITT season and off to the races we go. Friday night at the track and Deerfield Ohio were the last events. Friday we had humid evening that turned to rain. After slowing up the last two laps due to a wet track I still managed a personal best. Deerfield Ohio was a nice drive. An out and back course rose gently into the wind and on the flip side had wind at the back. Plenty of heat brought out allot of sweat and a wall of humidity. Nice high mph on the way back. Still not in good form but it is coming.

Rich and Kirk showed the way with better times than I. Something to shoot for the next time out. This photo is of the 50 plus group I tend to hang out with these days.