Friday, October 9, 2009

CX Season brings in Fall Colors

Well CX season also brings in the rain, wind and cold with a few bumps and scrapes along the way. Racing the last two weekends, Racoon Park in Beaver and Grove City hosted the last two races, Murraysville will be next. Fall conditions start to prevail leaving the courses wet and soggy. However with a Month of Mud attitude it's like being a kid playing in the sandbox or stomping in a puddle of mud. We have plenty of teammates to cheer you along, laugh at the miscues and share a story afterword. CX is riding on variable track conditions with obstacles in the way challenging rode and mountain bike skills. Run ups, dismounts and single track put to test your late season conditioning and uses a different set of muscles and coordination. The latter of which is rumored to have passed me by. However you the rider will find yourself amongst a whole new group of competitors from all classes. Translate all that into a new life lesson for the day.