Monday, January 24, 2011

Shut It Down

MRI shows herniated disc and some other questionable disc issues. Doctor says shut it down. No skiing, swimming or biking, didn't tell him about the Taekwondo.
Rehab for now and a steroid shot to reduce swelling at the point of injury.
Oh well will have to behave for now and hope to be back at it in the spring.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Neck Breaker

Seriously now, The doctor told me I had a broken neck.
Suffice to say I am off the bike and curtailing the ski season for now. At least till I get things sorted out.
Thanksgiving I started to have neck, shoulder and arm pains. Two months with limited activity I decided to see a doctor. Past history shows a broken neck at some point and subsequent deterioration.
I am seeing rehab with a script from a spine doc and receiving chiro care and hoping to rebound.
Swimming and Karate will have to do for now, hopefully ready to go in the spring. MRI at our team sponsoring Butler Health Systems is scheduled and that will confirm what the course of action will be.
That's all folks.