Tuesday, July 10, 2012

2 x 12 MTB Relay, Big Bear

Team Ag3r sent 3 teams to support Dirty Mike with the running of the annual 2 x 12 race in nearby Bruceton Mills WV.
Kirk Morrison and I teamed up to form a Masters team, Kirk posted some very admirable lap time wil'st I provided the humor for the rest of the on lookers. Steve Brewer handed me his SS niner rigid fork hard tail at the start line and said "go get'em big boy". Riding the SS niner rigid hard tail puts me in "geek" status so I had to try it.  One minute into the race I realized I was in for a big surprise. This sports car of a bike was more like a bucking bronco at high noon. I was thrown and pile driven into the turf not one but two times in the first mile of the race. This left me looking for broken bones before I remounted this bronco that beat me for the rest of the first lap like a rented mule.
As I entered staging no one said nice ride, I got stares that said "what happened to you"?
Quickly I remounted race numbers on my full suspension and pounded out a new lap in five less minutes.
Lesson learned? Maybe not, we'll see.