Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A very rare picture indeed with great company that can bear witness to a little November magic.
PA State Championships 2015 with a podium finish 3rd place for yours truly.
Here is a photo of us fellow racers goofing off before our photo op.
At this stage it doesn't matter how the podium comes I will take it. Hard work, perseverance and a little good luck pays off with good times with some good friends.
It is fun to be surrounded with a great team.
And of course this is why we do it.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

What's new with today's Political Scene

Today's Politics are contentious at best and certainly not civil, nor polite. However we just may be spoiled as our founding fathers were even more so belligerent in their politics and yet they had the same goals and objectives. Imagine these founders forged a Bill of Right's, Constitution and acts of war.

Yet these brilliant freedom seekers could not deal with slavery, solved disputes with a slap and pistol duels. The Federalist Papers and oft penned publications by Ben Franklin were circulated to subversively deal issues of the day. Does these publications compare with the media outlets we have today leaning in every other direction?

Polite, Civil, Tolerant, Correct; Not then and not now.

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cupcakes & Frosting

Renfrew Hill always provides a challenge, a sharp left into an acute angle with an up hill that is an off camber. This is all designed by some manic engineer/farmer last century to prevent draft teams from a quick ascent back to the barn. For a biker a quick entry into the corner means a brush with the scree in the intersection and possibly leaving some skin as a reminder to slow down.

I first hand witnessed this several times, Sharon was in the Renfrew race two years ago and I found myself picking her up, brushing her off and getting her back on her way up the hill. I watched her check her ego and mount a charge trying to catch on to the leaders that were just a bit more fortunate than herself. Better luck next time around.

For two years I was assigned to race marshal this corner keeping Racers, Harley's and Sunday church goers from abusing each other at this corner. I witnessed many racers attempt the perfect line. Now that I have this knowledge I can put it all together for a best effort. Note that most riders avoid this intersection, whole rides are planned to stay away. The KOM is vaguely marked,  two false peaks present themselves. She really awaits at the uppermost top teasing you to let up with the top just around the corner. Don't get cut at the sawmill stay focused and don't cheat the line.

My personal best was posted last year, this is significant as 2014 was a recovery year and I have much to prove. Last year in recovery mode I was able to beat a previous PR. Today marks the end of two years of treatments and I can go get me some. My 2014 PR is ONE second off some of my teammates best effort, I now need to up the stakes. Today was 33 seconds back, so you say what is the big deal?

If Renfrew is a cupcake of a hill, and I hit her at mile 35 into the ride, the Watter Station climb is the frosting. I hit School bus Hill at mile 45 and PR'd that little gem.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Looking Great in 2015

When traveling to Colorado skiing the 14'teeners you are bound to need some support. Realizing oneself is not as youthful as you used to be.
Note to self; when choosing your support team make sure they are youthful and good looking. As is this wonderful person pictured below.