Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Heat Wave

Best way to beat the heat is a boat ride with a swim or two. This weekend we found ourselves out in the soak zone twice at Shenango PA. The best entertainment is in the parking lot and launch ramp. I arrive to see an Escalade cut off 3 people trying to launch. In his hurry boxed in a fellow boater locking him out from launching. Continuing to watch this 3 character team we see them bouncing and dragging the boat along off the bottom. Well he blocks my way from launching and I finally see the rig get pulled out and noticed they launched without a plug in the bottom.

The next lady is parking a pick-up and trailer, she jackknifes and gets trapped. Instead of getting help rams in in reverse and pushes the wheels 90 degrees and into the truck bed leaving a scar. She continues to find another spot and gets stuck doing the same thing. I saw the owner in his boat and told him he better get up to the lot and save us all a little in collision repairs.

I could have made decent pay with a pair of jumpers and a jug of spare gas.

The best part is the go fast boat getting towed in after running out of fuel.

This picture is the Pirate ship with a neat Figurehead.

Yes I can still get up on one ski.