Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Road Signs

As compiled in Boulder Colorado, Henry Dimmick

Friday, July 8, 2011

Gold Album release Party

Gold Album release party at Sportsman's was attended very well and the compilation of music was extremely well received. Full Sielski contingent was present and showed their support and enthusiasm by putting a big dent in the Labatt's and wing inventories.
Sportsmans was under construction showing some promise for a great music venue.
Good job all.

You can find more photos and get your album at the below links.!/pages/Gold/77628635349

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Busy July Fourth weekend

You know a good weekend was entered into the log as Tuesday am comes and it is tough to roll out.
Friday at the track posted a PR for the 15 mile tt.
Saturday a spirited ride with the Ag3r Butler contingent, Sunday a 62 mile ride with the North Park crew, boat ride. Monday a bike ride with Diane on the Freeport trail. This turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Very pretty trail, moderate slope, mostly flat. I recommend the trail.

Friday, July 1, 2011

Boulder Training Day

One week in Boulder Colorado with six Ag3r teammates, Sam Morrison and Diedre York representing University of Colorado.
Day 1, up Flagstaff mountain, down and up four mile Canyon. Teammates were happy to wait for me as I DID make it up. Richey coaxed me up the last half of the climb. The descent was a real eye opener of things to come for the week.
Day 2, out rt. 36 to Left Hand Canyon, up to Ward, over Peak to Peak hgwy. to Nederland. Descent back to Boulder. An epic day with that 15 mile climb, 4,000 ft ascent up to Ward. HD escorted me up the way and I only clipped out once to have a discussion with my racing heart. That bugger was going faster than my wheels would take me. The descent was like none other, fast twisting, 50 mph mind blowing.
Day 3, beautiful day starting with rollers out to Superior, a few sprints were taken in, I saved my energy. Some short climbs and a few dirt roads.
Day 4, more climbing up to Jamestown, great ride through the mountains and a false descent (yes false). Ken (SBg'er for short) tracked me the whole way. I know he wasn't drafting me as I was not going fast enough. I think he had the "I have fallen and can't get up" button and was ready to push it on my behalf. We were close to home and the Lee road was closed and the group  had to climb out and go back. That was a mental challange. This day we took a dirt road to rt.36 and spun back in. Damn, I almost quit four time that day but my Mother wouldn't answer the phone. She wouldn't have given me permission anyway.
Boulder is a great town, good weather, people and the mountains were a perfect backdrop.