Monday, April 26, 2010

Presque Isle Spring 2010

7 am arrival and the camp AG3r was set up and awaiting by HD and crew. Rain was causing puddles and pooling on the course. Fortunately decision was a go for racing. In the rain, 49 degrees and some wind made for less than ideal conditions. Not to mention that Skip and team, Brian and the two Steve's showed up. They sure clog up the podium.

At the start it seemed to immediately begin to rain harder. Had a hard time getting my speed up despite I thought I had warmed up appropriately. Mid course I got the speeds where I wanted, felt good and fast but failed to compensate for the poor start. I was warm enough and blocked out the bad conditions. The legs were stiff from the cold and the back was tight.

But I had my new wheels, they will carry me across the finish line. Not so, you can spend the money on technology but you better man up with the training. The official results for my bib number were lost so it is my word as to the finish.

Looking forward to next time.

Spring Break 2010 Park City Utah

Spring Break this year took us back to Park City Utah. Diane and I were joined by sisters Martha and Lucy, cousins John and Sharon. Returning to Park City from 2008 we rented a 3 bedroom pad with hot tub views of Park City and a shorter drive to Deer Valley. John insisted we try again the Turkey Chili at Deer Valley, yes just as good. Sharon skiied like she never left the slopes and filled out the harmonies with the girls singing in the back of the Ford Flex. Off day we ventured to Sundance for a meal and a soak in the Crater hot springs. No injuries but the healing waters felt great.

Ski conditions were perfect with increasing variations of perfect all week. After a hearty lunch were were strongly advised to "take those girls to McConkeys" so off we went to the top to pay umbrage to Shane.