Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Many cyclist ride for the competition, self improvement or camaraderie. I just like to ride. There are times you can fulfill all you personal goals in one day. Last month Ag3r took me along to Mercer County for a little fun with the guys called "tour de la Tonka" or la te da for sure. Twenty five sprints, climbs and trials later, getting ripped off the back and punished in 90 degrees just for showing... What did I get?
A .99 cent candle with apple pie scent for not only just trying but for coming in last.
Well I tell you ,I train like an ass and still come in last.
I am bent on getting rid of this thing and vow to dump this honor on some other poor bastard that needs friends like I've got. Last week 185 miles in three days, Sewickly Hills and repeats the week before. I am going to knock down another PR itt this weekend. In the meantime you will find me in front of my Mark Cavendish Cadel Evans shrine making race preparations.

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