Saturday, April 23, 2011

HD made me post this and I think I know why


On a cold and snowy evening in Buffalo, NY. We would occasionally pay a visit to the local cemetery.

On top of a hill, behind a majestic Oak tree we had a perfect position to bomb out unsuspecting cars and passersby with snow balls. One of these nights two guys came tearing through the cemetery and flushed us out.

Bobby cleared the fence in one leap, Bill was next to clear the fence in one leap. Ray was next to go over when the guy catches my ankle and pulls me down. Down Ray goes on that Iron Spiked fence, caught up on my groin and the new Xmas Suede coat. Left the coat behind with some flesh and a little pride.

This my friends is the same cemetery in Williamsville that they are Deer proofing the fence.


Now Henry must have done the math and figured 39 yrs later Ray is still 3rd one out.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tough RR Crossing

Mars - Evans road RR crossing is a tough one. I have personally been involved or witnessed biker problems there. The crossing is off angle and bumpy. The road is pot marked and washed out immediately right after, any car has problems staying in line. Saturday, I am alone closing on a lead group when I hear and see two cars coming on fast. One is already across the double yellow line. The cars were accelerating and they bump once, and bump again. They go sideways and cross the lane right at me. Down into the ditch they go, one crashed beyond recovery, the other comes up and at me. I was in full defensive mode and put my self in a position to assist if necessary. Get this, Fred Klehm the lead rider was past the point of incident. He used his riders sixth sense to possible hear some commotion behind. Realizing I was back there (and closing fast) Fred comes about and returns to see if I was engaged in any way. Good going Fred that is leadership. I will ride with you any time.