Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washington Rode Here

Century ride on Saturday to Slippery Rock University.

Logging 95 miles, credit to Pam and Brian they completed 100 miles.

We left North Park early on a great looking day sunny, cool and no wind. Mars to Seneca Valley H.S. up Yellow Creek Rd. Portersville to Moraine and followed Washington's trail to the University. Returned via 528, stopped at Johnny's for a shotgun lesson and continued on to Evans City. Very fast pace we were done at 5:52:00.

Pam and Brian pictured here are training for the Louisville Iron Man this month. It was fun to keep their company as you all know I am no Iron man.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

US Masters crown new champion

Richard Kramer is the new 25k open water US Champion. Richard asked me to join him and act as his boatman (I was born to do this) for the weekend. We traveled to Morse Reservoir, Indiana for the weekend. A very hot day in the upper 80's and bright sun. Richard knocked off a list of nationally ranked competitors. Actually he blew open the field with a vicious sprint 5k 1st lap and opened up the lead on each of the other four remaining laps.

25k open water 5:39:09

Two lovers in France

Diane and I travelled to France in April to see Paris, the Mediterranean and visit Linda. Sister Martha joined us in Philly and we travelled together. USair bumped us to Spain and rewarded us with tickets system wide. Where to next?

Paris was great as we trekked all over the city non stop for 3 days. Next stop Linda's college town of Aix en Provence. A bullet train whisked us away to Marseilles then to Aix. A pleasant surprise as we meandered through narrow streets and ate Mediterranean cuisine. Next Stop Nice, relaxed on the beach and visited nearby Monaco. Only one international incident took place as we jockeyed for parking in front of the Casino. More on that later. Of course a Sielski trip would not be complete if we did not meet the required relatives. Cousin Michael Greico and family were on the flight to Spain and we had a reunion of sorts in baggage claim.