Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Early Season Start

Steel City Showdown crit was to be the first race of the 2012 season. I normally do not race crits as they have been proven to be very embarrassing. This was the case once again. A beautiful day to spend at the venue of PNC Park on Federal Street. As soon as the race started I was put into a bit of difficulty. Masters and Juniors on the course together soon battled to see who could put me down a lap first. A very good effort on my part yet yielded another smack down by young and old.

Starting the day at 6 am speeding along in my race inspired bike hauler,I stopped on I-79 in Wexford to help three racers fix a flat tire. The jack, spare and then lugs were all fubared. With some of my tools, muscle and creativity I was able to get the tire fixed. We all made it to the races on time and I felt that I contributed in assisting the fine young racers get to their start times on time. They did not live up to their promise to lead me out for the sprint.

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