Wednesday, September 7, 2016

NYC Calls

One morning as I lay in bed I thought to myself.....
Is it possible to circumnavigate the island of Manhattan?  Is it really an island, What is the East River vs. the Harlem River and do they connect? Where did that plane land? Can you go around the Statue of Liberty?

If Kramer swam in the river can I too swim in it?
With a little courage and the right timing I proposed these questions to my partner in life. Diane has been there  for me on all my adventures and can be relied on to bring perspective, balance and her sense of voyeurism.  Soon the answer turned to NO! I'm out, have fun "Lucky".
Next I turned to Dave, who is previously mentioned in this blog.  Dave response was, Are you nuts, I've got to see this. I'm in.
Bruce was not invited, But somehow he showed up from Savannah GA to assist.
 This shot needs some explanation. Bruce was at the helm. Say no more.

Bruce, aka "Whiskey Throttle", contributes to lane confusion in the NYJ harbor.

Three RIT grads with 40 years of friendship can attest this is doable you can circumnavigate Manhattan, swim in the Hudson and enjoy the city from the marina.

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