Friday, June 21, 2013

ATA Districts June 2013

ATA District Championships, Downingtown , PA.
Traveled with Andy and Joey Arduini, Karina Tolentino and Jill McVaugh. We represented Cranberry ATA in the District Championships bringing together 13 states and their respective champions. On a very hot 90 plus degree day, indoors in a non A/C controlled building we gathered with all the best of the best in the North East. My competitive ring did not start till after 2:00 pm making it one hot & long day. In the Black Belt ring were two familiar faces I have competed against before from PA and Virginia. New faces that made it through were from New Jersey. I faced the NJ State Champ in Sparring and Combat CBME. I did compete in Forms and weapons. Forms, Shim Jun, lets say I have much improving to do. Weapons, Ssahng Jeol Bong was my first time in a tournament with the weapon. I had not even tested with it for rank advancement. Sparring, I placed third and lets say I could and should have done better and I am very much looking forward to my next opportunity.
Here it is; Combat Sparring with a Bahng Mahng Ee I took District Champion. I am very proud of this as I felt very strong and particularly fast that day. The competition was at a very high level. The heat was my friend. I took up Taekwondo to help with my competitive cycling. In this case it was my cycling strength and skills that helped me gain the advantage win the title.


  1. Cycle fast and carry a big stick ;>). Well done Ray.

  2. Fantastic Ray! My kids do tong su do (sp?) Karate... so I know what a long road it must have been to reach your level. Congrats!

  3. Awesome Job Ray. You certainly were "hot" this day!