Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Merckx

This years winter project was to bring my Merckx up to date. A 2001 Merckx Majestic Titanium model with about 60,000 miles. Came with a carbon fork, Dura Ace and Mavic wheels. I bought this bike while I lived in Chicago and consequently rode this throughout the Chicago land area in club rides and local races. I also proudly returned to Arizona on several trips back to my condo as well as rode this in the tour de Tucson and el tour de Phoenix an several occasions earning gold medals.
Here in Butler this is my daily ride and with Ag3r and North Park Velo have been just about everywhere in Beaver, Allegheny and Butler Counties. I love to take this bike back to Buffalo and ride around Grand Island and out to Akron to visit the Octagon house.
With the Help of Lightspeed and Pro Bikes the build went like this.
Pro Bikes strip the bike down to the frame. Send the frame to Lightspeed for bb repairs and a new head tube replacement. This was done to accommodate a 1 1/8" fork. Final finish treatment for the frame to look spanking new.
Pro Bikes built back up with an ENVE carbon fork, Full Dura Ace group 10 speed. New compact crank (to shut up Richey), carbon bars, race saddle and of course matching green tape. The Mavic wheels were sent back to Mavic for a rebuild of race wheels and Dura Ace hubs on Open Pro wheels. Don't forget the Ti bottle cages to top it off.
Now I'm ready.


  1. Looks great !
    Should be super in Boulder.
    Does the ride feel any different ?


  2. I'm sure Frued would have something to say about the unnatural level of jealousy I hold toward people who are able to ride frames with long head tubes!

    It looks great!